Food: Hide and Sneak

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One of these things is almost like the others...

Behold this artful and unusual odd-one-out board book for the youngest readers, featuring a much-loved theme: food! Bastien Contraire masterfully creates spreads with six to eight images each - all of which belong together, except one that may resemble the others but has no business joining the rest. An umbrella among mushrooms, a snake among vegetables, and a canoe among pastries are all hiding in plain sight for the delighted toddler to giddily discover! Young readers will exercise skills of categorization and visual acuity in finding the "imposter", and bask in the preposterous silliness. This is the third book in Contraire's collectible Hide and Sneak series.

Colors are brighter than they appear - printed in pure Pantones.

Ages 1-3


  • Format: Board Book
  • Size: 200 × 180 mm (7 7/8 × 7 1/8 in)
  • Pages: 26 pp
  • Illustrations: 26 illustrations