Kerzon x Minois Laundry Detergent


Description: Kerzon x Minois's fragranced laundry soap is made in the heart of Provence, France using a traditional method based on natural and biodegradable oils. Conceived for all-purpose laundering, it preserves the beauty of your favorite clothes and is kind to skin, even the most sensitive. Enriched with organic Orange Flower Water.

Direction for use:  For ideal dosage and minimum impact on the environment, we recommended using the equivalent of one measuring cap by wash. This bottle enables about 22 washes. 

Full ingredient list: 5-15% savon (soap), citrus aurantium dulcis (orange), flower water, parfum, benzyl alcohol

Allergen-free fragrance for sensitive skin. Free of phtalate, paraben or bleach. By using KERZON x MINOIS’S fragranced laundry soap, you are helping to reduce water pollution, waste production and energy consumption.